Launched in September 2017, Around At all began from a lifelong love of lists and love/hate relationship with shopping. After working over a decade in gift shops, department stores, and supermarkets, I discovered:

✅ Shopping with the right list makes a difference

I learned quite a bit from customers that stopped in a couple of times a day or several times a week because they had forgotten items on their previous shopping trips. And who can blame them? E-commerce websites feature 'helpful' lists, aka "collections," such as Wanderlust and Red Hues. Who shops that way? And as far as brick-and-mortar chain stores go, my experiences helped me become a bit of an expert in shopping list making and assisting over the years. That's why here at Around At, we're sharing:

Ultimate Essentials- curated, shoppable shopping lists of things you will need, use, and want for every possible moment in this gloriously messy thing we call life. Shop 'em. Save 'em. Share 'em. We strive to be your first-stop, must-shop website for complete shopping collections created with life in mind.

✅ The right shopping can make life better

With Around At, we're not just simplifying shopping. We're doing our part in making life better, too. Starting from day one, we're:

🔷 Donating 10% of our profits from every purchase to charities committed to improving the quality of life.

🔷 Giving everyone the opportunity to earn generous commissions through our Around At Affiliate Program.

🔷 Partnering with manufacturers dedicated to ensuring the utmost respect for their employees and the environment.

🔷 Replacing wonky wheels on shopping carts worldwide. Hey, a girl can dream ;D

✅ Everybody hates shopping

Surprise! Oh sure, we all like having the things we like and need. Who doesn't? But the experience of buying all that stuff needs a ton of work. Even so-called shopaholics, people who love to "shop 'til they drop," shared their laundry lists of things they hated about it with me over the years.  I've spent many years listening and discovering new ways to make your shopping even better.

Above all else, Around At is committed to elevating your shopping experiences. We're completing your shopping, literally and figuratively, one list at a time. Follow us on Facebook and let us know what you love/hate about shopping or tell us what collections you'd like to shop for next. And be sure to sign up for our newsletter, so you never miss a thing again.

Wishing you a happier world and complete shopping! 🎉

MJ Jones

Around At Founder