Solar Powered Electricity Generator Emergency Supply Kit For Home, Rv, Cabin, Off-Grid Cottage

Solar Powered Electricity Generator Emergency Supply Kit for Home, RV, Cabin, Off-Grid Cottage -

Brand: Solar Power Pakk


  • ★ ELECTRICAL POWER: When you really need it! Don't be caught in the dark during a power outage.
  • ★ RENEWABLE ENERGY: The Solar Power Pakk is totally powered by the SUN! Clean and free energy!
  • ★ EASY TO INSTALL: Everything you need to install the Solar Power Pakk is included for ease of installation.
  • ★ DURABLE AND WARRANTY: The Solar Power Pakk uses the highest quality deep discharged batteries for long life. 5 year battery warranty. 10 year solar panel warranty. 2 year inverter warranty.
  • ★ ELECTRICAL OUTPUT: 120 VAC, 1000 watts max, 3200 watt-hours. Plus 12 VDC output and USB charging port included.

Publisher: Thermo Dynamics

Details: Fun Facts: Thermo Dynamics has been manufacturing quality solar product since 1981.Electrical Power When You Really Need It! 1000 watts of electrical power for your home during an electrical outage. 3200 watt-hours of electrical energy at 120 VAC.Other Applications:For your off-grid home, RV, cottage or cabin. Batteries Charged By Solar Panels: 100 watts of solar panel charging power. All wiring and connectors included to connect solar panel to the Solar Power Pakk.Solar Power - The Future Of Electrical Energy: Quiet, clean, no exhaust fumes, no engine, no maintenance and no fuel.Investment & Value: The Solar Power Pakk will last you for thousands of discharge cycles. Which means the Solar Power Pakk can last up to 20 years.Technical Specifications: Deep discharge heavy duty storage batteries. 3200 watt-hours of capacity at 75% discharge. One 100-watt solar panel expandable to 300 watts. 1000-watt inverter with peak output to 2000 watts. Fifty feet of 10 AWG cables to connect solar panels to Solar Power Pakk. If you want to be part of the future of renewable energy with access to off-grid solar, start with the Thermo Dynamics Solar Power Pakk today!

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