Nuface Haute Contour Facial Toning Gift Set

NuFACE Haute Contour Facial Toning Gift Set -

Brand: NuFACE

Color: white

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  • 85 percent experienced improvements in facial contour
  • 80 percent said skin felt smoother
  • 77 percent reported their face looked more toned

The haute contour limited edition kit includes: nuface trinity device with facial trainer attachment uses micro current technology and is fda-cleared and clinically tested for improved facial contour, skin tone and wrinkle reduction. Nuface trinity ele attachment is targeted micro current for the lip and eye areas. Nuface gel primer is the essential first step to using the nuface micro current device. 24k gold gel primer-firm is a lightweight, leave-on formula featuring anti-aging and firming ingredients to help tighten and tone for younger looking skin. Lifter infusion serum helps achieve maximum lift and brightening using the anti-oxidant power of vitamin c and hydrating hyaluronic acid. Use lifter serum to finish your treatment and give your skin an even more lifted appearance. Shani Darden curator of haute contour collection after discovering and raving about the incredible effects of the nuface trinity device, Shani reached out to nuface to learn more about offering the device to her clients. Fast forward a few months later, and several texts between Shani and nuface ceo tera Peterson, and the idea struck to partner with this celebrity aesthetician for an A-lister approved holiday collection. Shani’s love of nuface and shared passion for results-oriented skincare make her the perfect collaborator for the nuface trinity haute contour collection. This all-inclusive, red carpet-ready collection includes Shani's tips and tricks for creating your at-home red carpet treatment that’s sure to turn heads. Why the founders love it: “i love Shani's haute contour kit, it contains all the necessary tools to get red carpet ready including the trinity ele attachment to wake up tired looking eyes and the lifter serum which is literally youth magic in a bottle. These are my must-haves for when I'm getting ready to make a big presentation or when i want to look extra beautiful-co-founder tera Peterson. USD price as of publishing date listed on our website- Details

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