Double Sided Lazy Mop

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Color: Beige
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Double Sided Lazy Mop -

Brand: FOMO




Product Attributes:

1.Stainless steel shaft,the force parts more reliable and flexible,longer rod design easy to clean the corner.

2.Superfine fiber mop head with the use of ultra-fine fiber by the high-tech manufacturing, professional cleaning design,color decontamination silk thread,durable and will not fall hair,particularly with strong water absorption.

3.Mop head antibacterial deal,not mildew bad,durable,using a design without hand wash.

4.Installation of the mop is very convenient, the first mop flat on the floor,the mop on the card slot directly paste the installation is completed.Unique particles rubbing rubber board,can greatly enhance the friction with the floor,no matter which direction you can push full use, for you to save money and time.


Mop Head Maintenance:

Less than 50 degrees water temperature cleaning,dehydration dry and do not soak for a long time,acidic detergent,high temperature will be easy to change color,deterioration.


Package Include:

A self-filter mantle base

Two metal rods

Two pieces of cloth

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