Giantex Portable Compact Full-Automatic Washing Machine 1.6 Cu.Ft Laundry Washer Spin With Drain Pump

Giantex Portable Compact Full-Automatic Washing Machine 1.6 Cu.ft Laundry Washer Spin with Drain Pump -

Brand: Giantex

Color: Gray


  • 〖Multifunctional Control Panel〗- On the control panel are there ten programs, 8 water level selections and LED display. All functions and operation including water level/spin, program/delay, time set and child lock are listed clearly. Detergent and procedure choice are also included to meet your various needs.
  • 〖Compact Design & Large Load Capacity〗- Giantex washing machine is compact and lightweight for you to easily move it in your home. But the honeycomb shaped inner tub can load 10 lbs at one time and wash many clothes for you. In manual, we also listed reference weight of various clothes.
  • 〖Time and Water Level Control〗- Under delay function, previous to washing, the digital timer shows your preset time but when it is washing, the digital timer shows the rest washing time. Pressing water level/spin button, you can select appropriate level. If you need to add water during washing, you can press water level/spin button and un-press will stop adding.
  • 〖Easy and Safe to Operate & Monitor〗- With detailed and specific manual, it is easy and convenient for you to operate it and inlet and drain water. Clear and transparent lid allows you to see and monitor the water and washing condition. Once child lock function is set, all buttons are locked and the machine stops run and error alarms if the top lid is opened.
  • 〖Automatic Imbalance Adjustment and Adjustable Foot〗- While spinning, if the laundries inside the tub are not put equally, it would cause violent vibration. At this time, our washing machine's imbalance adjustment function will start automatically to adjust the imbalance situation if vibration is beyond certain level. Bottom feet can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Publisher: Giantex



Our Giantex portable compact washing machine is a perfect solution to your living place because itonly needs a small space to store and is easy and safe to operate. Equipped with a variety of convenience features, our washing machine includes a see-through lid, electronic controls with LED display, stainless steel inner tub and 2 water pipes. The max weight capacity of this washing machine reaches10lbs, which is very suitable for you doing medium weight laundry. Besides, this machine is characterized a built-indrain pump and a drain pipe which allow you to easily drain out dirty water.With this laundry washing machine, you will find washing is an easy job.


Brand new and highquality

Mini portablewashing machine, small space needed for this washing machine

Features a large 10lbs load capacity for doing light to medium laundry loads

Full automatic washing machine, you only need to selecting a wash program

Clear Lid allows you to see and monitor the water condition

With a built-indrain pump, automatic drainage

Stainless steelinner tub

With 2 water pipes

Saving water and electricity

10 programs and 8 WaterLevel Selections with LED display

Note: If you hear thumping sound, then the wash load may be unbalanced. Pause the washerand redistribute items in the wash basket


Color: gray

Cabinet Material: PP Plastic;

Metal Motor: Aluminum

Inner tub: stainless steel

Dimension: 19.7"x19.8"x33.6"(L x W x H)

Net weight: 51Lbs

Form factor:top-loading

8 water level: 23L,26L, 29L,33L, 36L, 39L, 42L, 46L

Rated voltage and frequency: 110V/60Hz

Rated wash/spincapacity: 10Lbs

Length of inlet pipe: 39.4"

Length of drain pipe: 78.8"

Air dry: YES

Package include: 1x full automatic washing machine USD price as of publishing date listed on our website- Details

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